White Paper Marketing For Project Management Software Providers

The Preparation, Publishing & Promotion Of Stunning White Papers For Marketing Excellent Project Management Software

"I'll Help You Generate More Quality Leads By Demonstrating Your Thought Leadership To Perfectly Position Your Business And Software To Ideal Potential Clients Using My 5P White Paper Success System."

My 5P Success System For Influential & Informative White Papers That Generate Leads

  • (1) Preparation & (2) Planning

    I’ll get your white paper off to the perfect start by helping you pinpoint exactly who it’s for. You’ll know what it’ll do for them and how it’ll help generate you more business.

  • (3) Production

    I’ll research, write and edit your white paper from scratch.  Or if you already have one, I’ll proof read it, review it and rewrite it if necessary.

  • (4) Publishing & (5) Promotion

    I’ll help you present and promote your white paper.  This means the right people will discover it and be excited to download, read AND take action on it.

The 5P White Paper Success System Blends These Essential Factors

  • Your deep subject knowledge and expertise.
  • My independent and objective view point.
  • My ability to question and challenge all assumptions.
  • My deep understanding of direct response principles and practice.
  • My proven writing ability and track record to pull it all together.
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The Key Components Of My 5P White Paper Success System

  • My White Paper Roadmap Service

    Together we’ll develop your plan to PREPARE, PUBLISH And PROMOTE the perfect white paper your customers will rush to read.

  • My Commend & Critique Service

    I’ll check your existing white paper and how you are marketing it.  I’ll tell you what’s great about it and what to do to make it even better.

  • My Review & Re-Write Service

    I’ll check your existing white paper using the Commend & Critique service.  If it needs re-writing, we’ll agree what needs doing and I’ll get that done for you.

  • My Plan & Produce Service

    This is the complete “done for you” service.  I’ll help you define your strategy.  Then I’ll do the research and write the white paper for you.

  • My Publishing & Promotional Service

    I’ll write high converting sign up pages, promotional e mails, blog posts and social media content.  I’ll help you focus on driving more traffic and getting those visitors to download your white paper.

  • Direct Response Consultancy

    I am a direct response marketer.  I specialise in creating marketing funnels and writing high converting copy that gets people to act.  I can also help with other areas of your marketing.

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Here's Why Great White Papers Work!

  • Buyers Want White Papers

    White papers top the 3 most requested content formats by B2B buyers.

  • Businesses Prefer White Papers

    White papers are the preferred content format for showing off a business’s expertise.

  • White Paper Registration

    76% of Buyers will register and share contact information in exchange for a white paper.

You Could Do It Yourself. But This Case Study Shows How Easy It Is To Write A Bad White Paper

Here's an example of how a great company who are experts in their field, managed to write a poor white paper.  The mistakes they made are very easy to make.   This case study highlights them perfectly.  It also shows you how to avoid those mistakes too.

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