Days 52 – 58 – Errrr Respite? Downtime? Lazy? Or Just Unfocused


Another week has gone by and no more activity on this project.

I have been tracking the days I have been working on this project and up to this point I have had 26 days where there has been no activity at all.  So with this being day 58 that means I have been working at 55% of my capacity!

Now it is probably worse than that because I tend to work a couple of hours a day – the most I think has been just over 6 hours with the average just less than 2 hours.

On reflection I am probably only bringing about 30% of my available self to this project.  That is not 30% of my time but 30% of what I could actually bring to make this work.

Why do I do this?

Why would I embark on a project and only apply myself to it half heartedly?

That is a really interesting question and there are probably a lot of answers to it.

But let’s not focus on why, let’s do something about it.

I use the term “let us” because I suspect you probably suffer from this challenge too.

There are a lot of shiny objects out there in the Never Ever Land of Internet Marketing.  On the assumption that these shiny objects will actually do what they say they will do, the reason why we don’t make them work is because WE don’t make them work.

For a long time I have intellectually understood that in order to get results in this field you do actually have to put some work in.  Having never been afraid of hard work – you wouldn’t believe the hours I have put in over the years and continue to do so – I always thought that once I got going I would just have to do what these products told me to do.

But when you are faced with the emotion of the actual challenge – when it is staring you straight in the eye – it is so very easy to divert your gaze and end up doing something else.

Sometimes this happens subconsciously – we get distracted and drawn into other stuff that grabs our attention and triggers our insatiable curiosity and need for fresh stimulation.

Other times it is because we are just inefficient and focus on the wrong things – usually the easy stuff.

Occasionally it is because we are just weak and found ourselves floundering when faced with the challenge of doing something new.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

If not, get in touch as I ‘d like to find out what you are doing right.

If it does, what is the answer?

Well the answer is to get very clear on what it is we are trying to achieve and then put in the necessary effort UNTIL we get what we want, OR we decide that actually that isn’t what we REALLY want after all.

Be careful with that last one because in the face of adversity it is often the easy option to rationalise that we never really wanted it in the first place and then go and seek something else that might be easier.

BUT…. and it is a big BUT….

Our growth, our success, our satisfaction even, often comes out of overcoming adversity and learning how to push through the inevitable challenges and roadblocks we face.

Whilst I am not a religious man, I once hear Les Brown say this “God’s delays are not necessarily God’s denials” and I think that is an important sentiment to bear in mind.

I am preaching to myself here but if the lessons and sentiments help you then good has come from this.

It is about being honest with yourself and recognising progress can’t be made by doing the same things over and over again if they haven’t worked so far – that is a sure sign of insanity (I think Einstein said something along those lines).

Wherever you are with your project that you have started but are floundering for what ever reason, get up, brush yourself down and remind yourself what you were drawn to in the first place.  Someone somewhere is looking that project for the very first time right now and is possibly as excited as you were when you first saw it.

It’s time to rekindle that enthusiasm, get back on the horse once more and start riding again.


Time to start taking my own medicine….


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