Day 62 – Getting Back On The Horse


Well I can’t mope around too long so I just have to get back on the horse and do something about getting my Adsense application accepted so that I can move on with this project.

I wondered whether it was because this blog (the one I submitted for my Adsense application) was about Online Marketing that was a reason for the rejection – I have heard or at least remember from the dim distant past that some providers of these forms of services frown on IM types.

So I thought well as the Adsense is going to go on my Arbitrage site, I might as well get that up to speed for the application.

And here is where being part of a closed Facebook Group helps because you can go and ask questions and then get help from people already running successful arbitrage sites.

So that is what I did.  I posted my situation on the group and then waited for the answers.

There are many great things you can say about Jeff Hunt and one of them is his genuine desire to help his students.  Another is his rapid response to my request for help.

So armed with a list of tweaks to make to ensure my site was more “Google Adsense Application Friendly” I set about updating the Arbitrage site.

I spent a bit of time sorting out the navigation and the layout and then I updated the articles to make sure they had sufficient content and didn’t look like spammy arbitrage site articles.

All I need to do now is resubmit.

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