Choosing An FTP Client For My MAC

Now I am fortunate enough to be part of John Thornhills coaching programme and in one of the lessons I had to upload a programme to my website using FTP.

I have used many times before on my Windows machine (it was Smart FTP) but now that I have come over into the light and climbed firmly astride the Apple bandwagon, I needed to find one for my Mac.

Fortunately we have Google.

It is hard to imagine how we sought out advice before the internet…oh yes those things called libraries!

Anyway, a quick search on Google for Mac Friendly FTP software yielded a number of options open up to me.

At this minute right now there might be an expectation that I am going to give you a list of options to choose from.  Well I did have a mini-debate about whether to do that or not because it would surely pad out this post.  And there is a plethora of “10 best….” type posts about all sorts of subjects.

But will that help you?

Well it might because you can then go and make your own decisions from any shortlist I might share with you on here.  I would have saved you some time by giving you the shortlist and then all you would have to do is make that final decision.

But I could take it even further and save you even more time and just tell you which one I went for.

Of course the downside is that you would be reliant on my ability to make an informed choice and select one that as well as serving my needs would also serve yours.

So it is a bit of a trade off.

Well the, here is my Top 1 list of FTP clients for any Apple Mac;

(Cue top ten music from Top of the Pops…although in this case it is just the last few bars required)

In at number 1 is….



That’s it.

It is easy to download, easy to install and I was uploading within minutes.

Well that is not strictly true because I had to overcome a minor challenge from my hosting company who’s FTP page in my control panel gave out some duff information about what to put in the settings in order to connect.  I also discovered that my hosting company also didn’t support the handy “Quick Connect” feature in Filezilla.

Still a short 3 minute call to the tech support people at Bluehost sorted that out and then I was up and running.

Now my FTP needs are very basic indeed and so I haven’t gone into all the whistles and bells that it has under the cover – because I don’t need to at this moment in time.  So it does the job for me.

Therefore if you have a Mac and you need FTP facilities for your website then check out Filezilla.

And the great thing about it is…

It’s Free 🙂

So what FTP Client do you use?  Let me know in the comments below telling me what machine you have (Apple or Windows only…. you Linux people are odd so that’s why I am not asking you – which means I don’t understand you therefore that’s my way of dealing with it:-) and what client you use.

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  • Mandy Allen

    Reply Reply September 16, 2016

    Hi Michael, Filezilla certainly is easy to use for both MAC and Windows but I discovered shortly after starting to use it that I could actually do everything I needed to in my hosting control panel, which I often find is the better option for me. So, yes, I do use Filezilla, but not always, sometimes I use my D9 Hosting control panel.

    Thanks for sharing, a good recommendation for sure!

    Enjoy the journey!

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