So I was born at a young age (I wish I could say the jokes are going to get better but sadly they won’t)…

I am the eldest of two brothers and spent my childhood and the early part of my teen years in Shrewsbury in the West Midlands.  I was relatively bright and passed my 11 Plus Exams to gain entry into one of the local Grammar Schools.

Probably like most teenage boys of any generation, my memories of that time in my life evolve around listening to the music of the day (this was the time of the first wave of Punk Rock, then Ska/Reggae, then the New Romantics), being regularly rejected by girls (if I ever plucked up the courage to ask in the first place) and avoiding getting caught smoking (bad habit that I gave up at 16!).

An interest in engineering, the right qualifications from school at 16 and an influential and charismatic Step-Father who was ex-Navy all contributed to me finding myself on a train heading down to Plymouth to join the Royal Navy as an apprentice in 1983.   My early career saw me travel all the way down to the South Atlantic on my first ship some 3 years after the Falklands War with some memorable experiences standing amongst 250,000 penguins on South Georgia and getting very close to one of the largest Elephant Seals you could ever imagine.

After three years in the ranks, I managed to get selected for a commission and then effectively re-started my Naval Career again as an officer.  I completed a degree in engineering and then qualified as a Submariner spending 4 glorious years serving in two different Submarines as one of the Weapon Engineering Officers.

Inevitably, I found myself driving a desk towards the end of my naval career whilst I helped the Ministry of Defence purchase submarine training systems and then after 16 years of service in the worlds finest (and oldest) navy, I took a left turn in my career.

For a number of years I had taken an interest in Memory Development and understanding how we can think more effectively and more creatively.  And so in the year before I left the RN I entered and came second in the World Memory Championships.  I did it because I wanted to gain a degree of credibility in the field before I “jumped ship”.  Sadly the sudden death of my mother just before the competition also compounded the decision.

And that is what I did.  I left the service and entered the world of training and development.  I helped develop presentations and training to help kids learn (since been taught to over 2 million students in the UK and Europe) and developed a range of corporate training too.  I have written a number of books on the subject of learning and development and have had my 15 minutes of fame on a range of TV shows, Radio Programmes, newspapers and magazines as well as a few web appearances.  I have spoken all over the world on my topic and am still consulted regularly by all sorts of organisations and media outlets on aspects of memory development.

The last few years of my learning and development journey have seen me take another career diversion to design, deliver and manage Leadership training in the Nuclear power industry.

So what I have just described to you has been my “day job”, my main source of income.  Behind the scenes of all of that I have been quietly working away online looking to make an income from the knowledge and experience I have gained in my specialist fields.  I have been able to create many products, and write several books and put together an array of websites.  I have invested thousands of dollars in my online education BUT, and it is a huge BUT… I haven’t been able to develop a full time income from it…. yet.

Part of the reason is that I haven’t really needed to because I have had a reasonable standard of living from the work that I have been doing.  In fact at times I have been very well paid for doing that.  But I have always known of the potential the internet and the World Wide Web have for developing a credible and profitable business that can help lots of people all over the planet.

I have been the classic shiny object Internet Marketing hobbyist…. until now.

Because now it changes.

There are two reasons this change is going to happen:

  1. I have made a decision that it is going to change – not a wish, not a maybe but a definite, firm decision that this time I am taking this seriously.
  2. I have found a mentor who ticks all the boxes for me personally

They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Well I was packing away my computer for the night after a long day working and as I closed down my e mail account I noticed there was a webinar about to start that I had booked on… I was curious to attend because it was about a plugin I had invested in for one of my sites…so rather than go to bed and get some much needed sleep, I stayed up until midnight and watched a 2 hour webinar on how to make a success online.

Having been around the online world a long time (as an observer on the sidelines I’ll admit rather than being fully committed to the game and being involved) and probably even before some of the current superstars even started you’d sort of expect that an introductory webinar wouldn’t tell me anything I hadn’t already heard.

Well I was transfixed because the speaker didn’t tell me anything I hadn’t heard before BUT he told it in a way that suddenly made sense… things just clicked and fell into place….it was like “duh!!!!”  He was honest and open about what it really takes to succeed and blew away the myths of the Get Quick Rich bizop schemes you will see advertised and promoted all over the place.

I hadn’t heard anyone be as frank and honest and explain it in a way that made as much sense before…. or maybe I just haven’t been listening hard enough!!!  But regardless of the reasons, I had an epiphany that night.  I suddenly “got it” and I found someone I could relate to, who I believed could help me, who has a track record of success online AND had a track record of helping others do the same.

The stars and the planets aligned with a kind of Alleluia moment with trumpets and choirs and lots of bright lights (ok maybe not… I do get carried away a bit when I write!).

And so that is where I find myself –  on track to be personally mentored by John Thornhill.

Broadly speaking I aim to do the following:

  1.  Develop a steady online income to free myself from the tyranny of HAVING to work
  2.  Help as many other people as I can do exactly the same
  3.  Use what I learn to help spread my “other knowledge” more effectively to a wider audience
  4.  Have a bloody good time doing it

Now it’s not all about online stuff, I do have another life.  At the moment my obsession/passion is for motorbikes.  I passed my test last year and now enjoy riding a Triple Black BMW F800GS.  Health is very important to me and after years of martial arts training (Karate, Tai Chi and latterly Aikido) I have taken up the more sedate practice of yoga (though some of the poses could hardly be called easy!).

I meditate, juice and eat a predominantly vegetarian diet.  I am currently working through a bucket list that included the motorbike (done that), stand up comedy (done that), getting my eyes lasered (done that), writing another book (done that) and going on a cookery course (done that).  There are other things on the list and as I tick them off, I will update this page.


But let me also be completely up front with you.  If you do a search on Michael T. Royston, chances are all you will find is this website (if indeed Google has even bothered to index it yet…. though I suspect I will eventually have something to do with that).  My full name is Michael Royston Tipper and so Michael T. Royston is a variant on that.

If you search for Michael Tipper, you will find plenty of references to me and my memory work and the work I have done with students.  So that people don’t become confused about what I do, I have created this alter ego (Michael T. Royston) for my Online Marketing business.  Eventually it will have as much online presence as the version of my name you will find on my Birth Certificate.

So if you want any information on Memory Development then go look up Michael Tipper (I can highly recommend him :-)) but if you want to follow an evolving online marketing journey then keep an eye out for Michael T.Royston.

Thank you for taking the time to find out who I am and I do hope if we ever happen to be in the same physical location then you will stop and say Hi.

So to your future success in ALL your endeavours.

Michael (both versions 🙂